Landscape Oil Painting by Artist Diana Miller

Landscape oil painting by artist, Diana Miller combines color, depth, and emotions.  Each landscape oil painting is a combination of her trips to distant lands mingled with imaginary whimsy.  Not as detailed as colored pencil, being an oil painting artist is just fun.  While she is painting, she often enters a meditative state.  Time flies by as her painting rises through the layers of paint much like a sculpture.

Landscape Oil Painting by Diana Miller

Top of the Isle of Capris

Landscape Oil Painting by Diana Miller

The Sol Duc River

Landscape Oil Painting by Diana Miller

The Promise #2

Landscape Oil Painting by Diana Miller

Snow Bird Condos

Landscape Oil Painting by Diana Miller

Mokoluas’ Sunrise

Landscape Oil Painting by Diana Miller

Sunset Silhouette

Millerwood Creations was born two years ago when trying to blend two different talents into one business.  Their last name plus the fact that they live in the woods on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in the State of Washington was the inspiration for the business name.

Diana Miller had a dream for retirement of one day becoming an artist of oil painting.  While living in Sedona, Arizona, for a short time she thought what better place to begin fulfilling this dream.   Her first class in beginning drawing fueled her passion when she saw what appeared on the paper.   Using the proper tools and learning a few tricks was key in the creation process.   A few years later she moved to the Olympic Peninsula and became acquainted with Sally Cays, an accomplished watercolor artist.  Thus began the joy of learning to paint in watercolor.  The seeds of Millerwood Creations had been planted!

Wanting to branch out she took another class in colored pencil art.   Another tier was added to her passion.   Although this medium can be very tedious and detailed it proved to be very meditative instead.

Diana was asked to join a group of local artists at Studio by the Creek where she increased her knowledge and techniques through the sharing of ideas and talents.   Again other mediums were tried and loved – oil painting and pottery.

Diana’s passion for these new mediums was such that now she had to have a place to work.  With the help of her husband, Al, and a few friends a small pottery studio was constructed on their property – a sanctuary with an incredible view of the Olympic Mountains.   Being a retired massage therapist molding a lump of clay into a work of art was a natural.    Diana is virtually self-taught with guidance from other potter friends and watching videos.

With all of this product at Millerwood Creations it was time to join the Sequim Open Aire Market which runs every Saturday from May until November in Sequim, Washington.  Visit the faire or see her art at galleries in the northwest.  Look for a landscape oil painting by artist Diana Miller.